This article examines if Channel Partners help buyers get a better deal on their homes.

Following the RERA Act and the progress made by the government in GST, Real estate developers are gradually dependent on Channel partners to help market their properties.

Channel partners are experts in real estate marketing who help consumers make the right choices with the options available to them.

People most often mistake channel partners with brokers. Brokers are people or entities who act as a link between the builder and buyer and take a commission from both parties.

Channel partners don’t charge the buyers at all, instead provide value-added services such as facilitating and arranging site visits, getting a better price from the builder helping with a home loan, post-sale follow-up, and the like.

They are buyers’ advocates in the relationship.

Channel partners act more like advisors and consultants to buyers on property matters.

They do a clear study of the buyer’s need, motivation, and financial wherewithal and provide tailor made solutions to buy a property.

Let us now look at the advantages of buying your property through Channel Partners and what you should look for in a Channel Partner.

RERA Approval: The act while registering Channel Partners does its due diligence in telling you that the Channel partner has passed the requirements of the act and is a credible person/organization who can help you with your home buying.

Location: Channel Partners understand your buying motivation and also suggest locations that could meet one or many of your objectives like

  • Price
  • Quality of Project
  • Social Infrastructure.
  • Accessibility. They have a property for every requirement. They give you choices when you zero in on a location.

Properties as per your Requirement: Channel Partners work with you to understand your requirement and value add to jointly identify properties they think will suit your requirement. Then they work with you closely to understand other impacting factors in your buying decision and help you find the right property for purchase.

Discounts: There is definitely a difference in the price an individual gets from a channel partner as opposed to the price listed by the builder. The Channel partners understand each project’s salient features and also know the kind of discounts and deals to push for. If you are an individual there is no latitude for bargaining since you are just one customer. On the other hand, the Chanel Partner is your representative and is a collective buyer as far as the builder is concerned. This way the buyer gets the best deals for the property he likes.

Choices: With a Channel Partner, you are spoilt for choice. They are builder agnostic and your advocate. They can help you pinpoint the project more than promoting or favoring a particular builder or project

Since builders rely on Chanel Partners to market their property, there is an overwhelming change in buyers wanting to route their purchase decision through this channel.